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Ever wondered of a chaos-free experience?

Hello, I am Checkin - a unique way of experiencing restaurants. I present all the services of a restaurant at your fingertips. I believe in helping you stand out from chaos and enable you to save your time.

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Explore your city like never before

I inform you about the real-time crowd of restaurants. Along with the visibility of the crowd, we give you the superpower to choose and connect with nearby people. I never bragged about my Dynamic menu, but I am sure you gonna love it.
Active Session

Ordering, Interaction, Payments all in one screen. Simply put, all the services of the restaurant on your finger tip.


Power for you to choose any location and connect with like-minded people around your city.

Dynamic Menu

Done with the old static MENUs at the restaurants. Tailor-made menu with Images and Videos visualising your dish in detail, you’ll know exactly what to expect on your plate!

"This product will change the course of restaurant industry."

Roma's Café Diner
Lanka, Varanasi

"The ordering system will be much more efficient by using this product."

Wife On Leave Restaurant
Sigra, Varanasi
Our App Is Now Available!

Make a business profile on Checkin

Give your customers an ultimate experience of in-store food ordering and track your business activities like a pro using our Insight and Activity features. Our peer to peer connection between restaurants and customers makes Checkin the best place for you to Promote your business.
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Business Profile

Add phone number, email and location so that Checkin can help you grow your business.

Dynamic Menu

Upload your regular menu and have a real-time control of managing the inventory.


Track your revenue growth and analyze how your business is performing.


Track your in-store traffic, live orders and expand the reach of your business among consumers.

When Ease meets Tech

50+ restaurants have joined us for the upcoming revolution.

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